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Top Stops: San Diego

In a reflection on my trip to San Diego, one of the best attributes encompassed some of the many hidden gems sprinkled throughout the San Diego area. From best hiking and walking trails, impressive views of the sunset over the Pacific, to top local eats and drinks, the best ones were out of the main stream and more so in the places where locals go and few tourists know of.

See my top picks below!

Bo-Beau Kitchen + Bar


To top the list was, Bo-Beau, a French kitchen and restaurant. Located in Point Loma, the restaurant is known for its varied menu of flatbreads, meats, green eats, savory sides, and outstanding drinks.  They even have an in depth gluten free menu as well. The intimate, rustic, candle lit venue accompanied with outstanding food, created an atmosphere that topped off the dining experience. If you are ever in the area, give it a try and order the crispy brussel sprouts and the butternut squash flatbread!

Sunset Cliffs (at dusk)


While going to Sunset Cliffs at anytime during the day will provide you with picturesque and sweeping views of the Pacific coast, the best time to go is slightly before sunset. Taking a hike along the coast and then stopping to take in the sunset at one of the many view points is one of the best ways to take it all in.

Japanese Gardens at Balboa Park


While Balboa Park is one the of busiest tourist destinations housing the nationally acclaimed San Diego Zoo alongside a plethora of museums and green spaces, there are numerous points within the park that are not as crowded and house some outstanding experiences. My favorite of these was the Japanese Gardens. The gardens were absolutely breathtaking and truly take you through a journey spatially and historically into Japanese landscaping, architecture, and history.

Spruce Street Suspension Bridge


If you are a runner like I am, or enjoy long walks, walking or running through Bankers Hill neighborhood is a great two-in one experience. Firstly, the beautiful and mature neighborhood is absolutely breathtaking, and has a great variety of homes from numerous decades that line the streets. Secondly, during your run or walk, you will have the opportunity to cross the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge, which is both an exciting and peaceful experience in itself. Architecturally, running or walking the streets is a great way to see how people in this particular community live and is also a great treat to take in local architecture. Not to mention, the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge is the only one of its kind in the US, and is definitely worth checking out during your next trip to San Diego!

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