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Travel Packing Tips

When it comes to traveling, whether it’s for business or pleasure, the way in which you prep for your travels is important.  Throughout my life I have travelled to some far out destinations for both business and pleasure and have created somewhat of a system for how I pack now.  Coming up soon, I’ll be up in the air again, more so for business, and wanted to share the tips I’ve learned through experience.

It seems daunting if you are one to pack your entire closet for options at your final destination. It’s time to think more strategically and efficiently.  Don’t get me wrong, I have had my fair share of over-packing experiences, but now, I have come to appreciate the efficiency in packing just what I need.  When flying domestically or for short-stay international flights (< 5-7 days), I try to limit myself to only carry-on luggage.  This entails a medium sized tote bag and an international sized roll on suitcase.  Click for dimensions here.

Personally, I’m partial to the Tumi’s Vapor Series, International hardshell suitcase. While Tumi is a bit pricy, it is the standard for travel pieces and will last your lifetime.  Not to mention, the company has a great system of replacing parts and pieces of your luggage if damaged, and has a lost/stollen luggage registration feature that is great as well.  Considering that you will be paying a pretty penny for your luggage, Tumi has pulled all the stops in securing your investment. Also, Tumi has some great sales throughout the year, where the Vapor Series is reduced in price.

In regards to a medium sized tote, you can go investment price or save price on this item. (Check out my pervious post on that here if you are interested.)  Depending on my mood, I’ll carry the particular bag that I know will hold my tablet, other carry-on items, and goes with most of the outfits I’m bringing, so it is almost always a neutral bag and pack a mini-crossbody in my luggage for when I arrive. With that being said, let’s talk strategy.  I’ve listed below the steps I take for both of my carry-on pieces.

Travel_Tips (2) Personal Item No. 1 –  Medium Sized Tote

1. Think about what you would need access to if you were separated from your other bag in transit.  Consolidate this down to the necessities.  Depending on your trip, the items would vary. In my case, it’s my wallet, my tablet, my phone, headphones, lip conditioner, my favorite travel sized scent to refresh after a long flight, my sunglasses, necessary prescriptions, and a set of undergarments just in case you go a day stranded in an airport separated from your roll-on piece and in need of that!

2. In order to stay organized I have a place for everything, which means a case/pouch for items.  At the bottom of this post is a list with links to where I shop for travel item organization.

Personal Item No. 2 – Roll-on piece

1. Plan your outfits ahead of time.  If its for a week or less, you can do this easily.  I tend to go to staples/classics in my wardrobe that travel well like basic oxford shirt, staple dress that can be dressed up or down with the right accessories, cute flat, a pair of jeans, etc.

2. I then lay my pants or a jacket at the bottom of the suitcase and let the remanding portion that won’t fit in hang out of the side as illustrated in the image below.  I then place tops, shoes, toilety bag, and other items within the suitcase. Travel_Tips (3) 3. Following, I fold the items that are hanging out over the pieces beneath.  This is a great way to pack bulkier pieces without losing as much space. 4. You’re ready to jet set! Travel_Tips (4)

Links to pieces in the post:

Tumi ‘Vapor’ International Hard Shell (22 Inch): here

Medium Sized Toteshere, here

Travel Cases: here,  here, here

Tablet Case: old, similar here

Lip conditioner, great for dryness on long flights: here

Fragrance: here


Thank you for stopping by today! I’d love to hear your travel and packing tips!


  1. TAG says

    The travel tips were very helpful. I have Tumi luggage and I can vouch for its durability and the company’s williness to stand behind their product. I have a trip coming up soon and I’ll be putting your advice to use. Great post.

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