Greetings! My name is Siobhan (pronounced sha + bawn) but I am better known by my friends and family as Sho.  I am a twenty-somthing, currently living in the Midwest as I am pursuing a design based graduate degree.  With a background in architecture and design, the namesake of my blog comes from my love for drawing, sketching and dabbling within all forms of design and visual arts.  I began this blog as a domain to organize many of the things that I love and consider active interests of mine from fashion and travel to the arts.  While I must admit that I enjoy the finer things in life, I don’t strive to spend every penny that I have. Through this blog, I aim to share and present “lifestyle-hacks” that highlight enjoying what can be costly fashion, travel, and arts pleasures on a chic budget.  I hope that you follow along on my journey and enjoy!


Inquiries at: asketchofshoblog@gmail.com